Jessica Shaw met Scruffy and his friends while volunteering for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation. She shares their hope that through active stewardship, these world-famous landscapes will remain pristine and accessible for future generations.

About Scruffy: Scruffy is a real horse from Montana. Here he is with The Man in The Hat on a beautiful fall day. (He’s real, too! So is The Nice Lady.) Both humans are active members of the founding chapter of the Back Country Horsemen. Scruffy was part of their herd for more than thirty years and had many adventures in the great outdoors.

Title by Jessica Shaw

  • by Jessica Shaw

    Scruffy is a spunky young horse who is about to learn a lot about life, the wilderness, and living in the vast, rugged beauty of the Montana backcountry.

    In Book One of The Scruffy Series, we’ll meet Scruffy and learn about family, unexpected changes, trust, and the promise of a new day.

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