Jill Davis is a spiritual being who’s worked as a RN for thirty-seven years. She is the mother and grandmother of four beautiful beings. Jill currently resides in Virginia at the Taylor House with her husband, eighty-four-year-old mother, and her four-legged friend, Thompson. For more information visit www.luvknotts.com.

Title by Jill Davis

  • by Jill Davis

    Luvknotts! Although I did not get the chance to meet my great-grandmother, I know her. She has always been with me. I have always felt her love and presence around and enjoyed getting to know her through your shared experience! Thank you for sharing her life with us all! Through you, your book, the land you keep sacred, and the beautiful person you are, her legacy lives! I am forever grateful for her, for you, and to be part of a line of such strong women! Ellen Taylor Jackson, forever OUR Luvknotts—her love and legacy will forever embracingly entangle us all. —Christina Greggs
    The Taylor House: Forever my Luvknotts is a tribute to my grandparents, especially my grandmother. The memoir tells the stories of the Silent Generation who are now, for the most part, extinct. It reveals grandmothers and grandfathers who lived in the not-too-distant past yet remain mostly unknown to recent generations even though baby boomers were directly impacted by their resilience and grace. Although Grandpa peeps around a few corners, the Luvknotts’ experience was led by the pioneer and proverbs woman called Grandma.