Jim Mockford is a historian and writer, specializing in Asian and Pacific studies. He attended Waseda University in Japan, graduated from the University of Oregon Honors College with a degree in Asian studies, and studied Chinese at the University of Washington. Jim was an award-winning kite flier at the 1987 Weifang International Kite Festival in Weifang, China. In 2017, he returned to Weifang to fly kites in China once again, and he was an American delegate to the First Dunhuang International Kite Festival.

Jenny (Mockford) Farmer is a graphic artist based in Portland, OR. She has a bachelor of arts degree from Washington State University Vancouver. Jenny studied dance and music at the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, and attended Clark College and the University of Utah. As a child, Jenny raced kites in the annual Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. Jenny traveled with her daughter, Emily, and family to visit her nephew Jason in Dalian, China, in 2018.

Theresa Johnson is the illustrator of the popular children’s books Rojo, The Perfectly Imperfect Llama and Rojo, Where’s My Hair. Theresa enjoys all aspects of visual storytelling. When she’s not working on client projects in her Vancouver, WA, studio, you will find her sketching characters from her imagination. Theresa earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from Montana State University and has worked as a contract artist for over twenty years.

Lynn Xiaoyu Wang Mockford created translation and edits for early language learners in 2019 after reading the book aloud in Chinese to the Third Grade Class at Woodstock Elementary Chinese Immersion Program in Portland, OR. Lynn was born in Jilin Province, China and received her English Education Degree at Northwest Normal University at Lanzhou, China. She is interested in early literacy and has taught Chinese and English in South Korea and China. Lynn lives with her family in Dalian, China.

Title by Jim Mockford & Jenny Farmer

  • by Jim Mockford, Jenny Farmer

    Cousins Jason and Emily may live far across the world from each other, but they both dream of flying colorful kites. When they meet, they visit a kite museum, and finally at a kite festival they get to fly a kite together. But the wind is not always cooperative, and the cousins work together to overcome challenges and finally see their kite soar high to touch the sky above. Told in both English and Chinese, the native languages of each cousin, The Kite that Touched the Sky is cross-cultural adventure of family, friendship, and dreams. Visit www.kumquatkids.com to learn more.