Inspired by her beloved dog, Moses, (aka: “The Mose-Man”), Jody is delighted to share her first book in memory of the rascally little Westie who blessed her life for almost fourteen years.
She attributes her writing style and creativity to her childhood which overflowed with Mom’s creative parties, Dad’s love of the outdoors, practical jokes, a variety of pets, and the unconditional love of her Sicilian family. It’s no wonder she now has a wonderful daughter, Lacey, who makes her laugh until she cries.
Born and raised in San Jose, California, Jody now lives in rural Roseburg, Oregon with her husband, Kirk, her high school sweetheart, who she was reunited with after twenty-eight years. Moses was named after the kitten he gave her in high school.

Melissa Beth Rose, Illustrator
Melissa Beth Rose is an illustrator who grew up in Roseburg, Oregon. She moved to the Los Angeles area for school, where she got her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Biola University. Not only is Melissa familiar with Moses’ long drive from Southern California to Oregon, but she is also familiar with Maggie’s sad day of watching her childhood friend move away, both of which served as inspiration while illustrating this book. She now lives with her husband, son, and quirky cat in Orange County, California.

Title by Jody Leone Sanfilippo

  • by Jody Leone Sanfilippo

    Meet Maggie, a shy Lhasa Apso and Moses, a rascally Westie, real dogs who have been friends since puppyhood. (Their names have not been changed to protect their innocence!) They spend all their days happily “squizzling,” “squozzling,” tickling, and tumbling together—until Maggie suddenly discovers Moses’ family is moving away. What will shy Maggie do without her best friend? They believe their friendship is as “strong as a bone” and will, one day, bring them together again. Their story is one of trust, faith, and life-long friendship, canine style.

    “This can’t be goodbye!” she barked to her friend.
    “You cannot be moving! This can’t be the end!”
    But, indeed he was leaving, to move far away.
    So what would she do and with whom would she play?

    The Dog-Gone Days of Maggie and Moses is the first in a series that will be a delight for parents to read aloud and a joy for young readers as well.