Karen Weaver Hall resides in Eugene, Oregon, located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest. She was raised on the Oregon Coast in Brookings, specifically on the Winchuck (Hasonta) River. It is from these rich country experiences that she creates her stories. Her love for the Winchuck valley has always inspired her to know more about prior generations of people who lived there. Karen is a dental hygienist. She enjoys volunteering at the Guild gift store at PeaceHealth Hospital and is a past member of D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution), Beta Sigma Phi, Altair, Non-profit Dance group, and Willamette Writers. Karen enjoys traveling with her husband, writing, biking, gym, volunteering, reading, gardening, music, and dancing. Another book she has written is Jennica’s Secret, a fictional mystical youth chapter book.

Titles by Karen Weaver Hall

  • by Karen Weaver Hall

    • Released: October 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    Hasonta: The Lost Tribe is a fictional depiction of the lives of the Tolowa Native American Nation in the early 1800’s on the Northwest Pacific Coast. The Cheti and Winchuck/Hasonta Tolowa tribes lived in harmony with human needs similar to our modern-day life. Resolution and restoration drive the story forward in the life of one woman, Natu, who perhaps lived through the entire saga. When suddenly lost from her tribe, the love of her life, Jashan searches endlessly to find her.

    Natu’s journey shows us the fragile human life and emotions through many twists and turns. The evil hearts of a few tribal members, causes Natu to search for strength and determination as her journey leads her into three separate tribes. Her one thought is to return to her grandmother and Jashan.

    Ruthless mandates from the US government forced these native people off of their lands. Natu’s story leads us through her unusual life played out in the face of historical change. Does Jashan find her and return her to the land that she loves? Will she see Hasonta again or is Hasonta now gone forever?

  • by Karen Weaver