As a writer, mother, partner, friend, artist, business owner, and yogi, Kay Eck has been celebrating the life-on-Earth journey she calls both devastating and incandescent. As host of the podcast Alive & Kicking: stories of waking up, she explores the endless expression of spirit through the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Her first book Divorce: a love story, is a memoir of conscious uncoupling and healing through self-love. She lives on a hill in the woods near a lake where her greatest achievement is that she has paid very close attention for quite a long time.

Title by Kay Eck

  • by Kay Eck

    Just when you might need it most, the universe has sent you a love letter disguised as your life. In it, you will find the answer to every pressing question you may have about who you are and why you are here. This letter has been adoringly penned to help you know, accept, and love yourself more deeply than you ever thought possible. All you have to do is hold it in your trembling hands and read it. Dear Human is a companion volume to a lesson-filled life that can only lead to the invincible truth of your radiant light. Immerse yourself in the mystery and depth of your gorgeous life like a letter you can’t wait to tear open. Let your ears, mind, and heart be filled with its compelling poetry. —Kay Eck

    None of us navigates the human journey without dancing with both ghosts and angels. With Dear Human, Kay Eck delivers a travel guide for the road ahead filled with pragmatic doses of sacred encouragement, clear-eyed reminders, and gentle but potent medicine. It encourages the reader to view life as a love letter penned to accompany them through the labyrinth of unique lessons we each came to learn.

    Infused with the author’s poetry, reflections, and prayers, Dear Human invites us into the confluence of miracles that is the human path, celebrating both the mundane and the magnificent. We are neither alone nor without guidance as every step takes us closer the mastery that eases the weary heart and excites the inner spark so that eventually, everything we meet feels like buried treasure.