After a career as a teacher, counselor, school principal, and leadership coach, Ken Hill writes and illustrates children’s books. He lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon, where—even though he is allergic to bees—they tend a garden of flowers to attract bees, butterflies, beetles, and hummingbirds.

Titles by Kenton R. Hill

  • by Kenton R. Hill

    Friends of the Flowers: A Curious Tale of Priceless Pollinators is the fifth in the Tales of Curious Critters series for early readers. The story continues the adventures of Boone and Rosa. This time, they are joined by their friend Gina and Boone’s brother, Gus, as their curiosity leads them to the garden of their neighbor, Mr. Bloom. Mr. Bloom offers the four friends an opportunity to become junior gardeners—a chance for them to learn about flowers and pollination. In the process, they make a real contribution to nature and to the future. As with all other stories in the series, Friends of the Flowers is full of scientific facts and offers real ways kids can make a difference.

  • by Kenton R. Hill

    Buddies on the Beach: A Curious Tale of Sharing the Sea with Sharks is the fourth book in the Tales of Curious Critters series for early readers. It continues the adventures of Rosa and Boone. This time Boone’s brother, Gus, joins them as their curiosity leads them to the ocean – the home of great white sharks. After watching a shark attack a surfer and hearing his friend say that sharks are “man-eaters”, Gus believes he will never feel safe swimming in the ocean ever again. Gus’ fear leads Boone and Rosa to begin to search for the truth about great white sharks with the help of a librarian, a lifeguard, a marine biologist, and a sleepover in a Shark Tunnel.

  • by Kenton R. Hill

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