Kristina Bak has adventured on islands large and small beneath the North Star and the Southern Cross. She writes in an Oregon mountain town.

Titles by Kristina Bak

Visit my new (live July 2022) website for a FREE ebook of Nowever, the first novel in my Stevie series. Though the series is YA, I’ve heard from readers fourteen to ninety-four who loved the characters and Stevie’s adventures in the near future world.

I’m always working hard to translate the movies I see in my mind into words to let you “see” them, too. Stevie’s adventures became weirder and weirder as I wrote through the first two pandemic years, and now you can experience that weirdness in Cold Mirage, Book 2 of the Stevie series, with a third on the way in 2023!

  • by Kristina Bak

    In Nowever, high school misfit Stevie juggles secrets—her haunting visions, her uncanny gift, a confusing relationship that might be love—searching for her missing dad and narrowly escaping death on two continents.

    In Cold Mirage, sequel to Nowever, Stevie battles her worst night­mare with two newfound allies—whose gifts are even stranger than her own—and their cats.

  • by Kristina Bak

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    by Kristina Bak

    Tango is a dance of passion, but not that kind of passion, at least not on the dance floor. Four people searching for realization of their midlife dreams meet in an Absolute Beginners Argentine Social Tango class. One person’s dream is another’s catastrophe––they  can’t all come true.