Title by L. Langdon

  • by L. Langdon

    • Released: April 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    The last thing Areesha Wiggins expected was to meet—and rescue—a neighbor who made her wish she had never made that no-dating vow.

    Areesha was trapped. Financially and emotionally betrayed by her college ex-boyfriend. Worried about her beloved grandmother’s health problems. Trying to finish a nursing degree begun five years ago. The only relaxation she allowed herself was her weekly walks.

    Ben Patrick was a successful doctor who took his practice seriously. Running was his decompression. Early one morning, he was shocked to find that a fellow exerciser was much more alluring than she had appeared from a distance. In his shock, he fell and injured his ankle, thus needing her help to get home and allowing her to see him at his worst.

    Can Areesha and Ben overcome this inauspicious meeting?