Lawrence E. Hussman is professor emeritus of American literature at Wright State University. Among his seven previous books are Dreiser and His Fiction: A Twentieth-Century Question and Desire and Disillusionment: A Guide to American Fiction Since 1890. He lives on and writes about the northern Oregon coast. Pre-Posthumous Poems is his second book of poetry.

Title by Lawrence E. Hussman

  • by Lawrence E. Hussman

    • Released: June 2021
    • Genre: Poetry

    Praise for Pre-Posthumous Poems:

    “There is an inviting paradox about these poems. The ones about animals and the natural world reveal bracing human truths while the ones about people—about our desires, our terrors, and our losses—remind us that we are as vulnerable and momentarily beautiful as a seagull. Hussman allows all of these meditations to find their own spare, and elegant, poetic forms.”
    —Carmine di Biase, distinguished professor of English, Jacksonville State University, author of Travel and Translation in the Modern Period and The Diary of Elio Schmitz: Scenes from the Life of Italo Svevo

    About Hussman’s previous chapbook, Last Things:

    “First-rate” and an “engrossing read.”
    —Kirkus Reviews