Leo Cole Snider was born in Vermillion, SD. When he was 19 he moved to Los Angeles and for two summers was an extra in the then popular “beach movies”. He started a landscape design company at age 25 and worked in that field for prominent Hollywood couples for 40 years. His work appeared in many magazines and for 12 years he designed for the Pasadena House of Design and wrote a column on the subject for La Canada Valley Sun. Leo has an MA in English from CSUN Northridge. He wrote his first poem the day Kennedy was shot and continues to write them.

Title by Leo Cole Snider

  • by Leo Cole Snider

    • Released: March 2022
    • Genre: Poetry

    Narrative poems about love and loss, fathers
    and mothers, faith and doubt — and the
    animals with whom we share this journey.

    Our World
    This is a world where trees grow tall
    this is a world where men grow small.
    But chainsaws equalize their height
    their dignity, their ageless might:
    They are not voiceless after all:
    I hear moaning as they fall.