Margaret Capers Proctor was born in High River, Canada, on May 31, 1928 and raised on a cattle ranch, the Round T, until the age of ten when the family moved to Poughkeepsie, New York. She lived life to its fullest until July 10, 2017.

Margaret was a child of the prairies, roaming on her buckskin pony. From those years grew her great love of nature, which, when combined with her writing ability, created word paintings for her prolific correspondence.

In her retirement, she and her husband enjoyed many years in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She loved playing in her garden and time with family and friends, weaving threads of friendship everywhere.

In 1993, Margaret took steps to publish this lovely story that depicted her childhood and hired artist Nancy Klein for the illustrations. Her goal was put on a back-burner, and after her death her children decided to return to it. Mom, this is for you!

Title by Margaret Capers Proctor

  • by Margaret Capers Proctor

    A colorful and tenderhearted tale about a girl and her stuffed bunny on the Canadian prairie. Margaret tells the story of how Petie came into her life and about their encounters and delights at the Round T Ranch. One day when her family heads to their cabin far up in the foothills of the Rockies, Petie falls out of the wagon as they are crossing a river. What follows is wondrous.