The Prince and the Witch is Marianne Hesse’s fourth children’s picture book. The first three, Then We’ll Say Goodnight, That Bird on My Plate, and The Fishers’ Tale were also done in collaboration with illustrator, Angela Paul.

Titles by Marianne Hesse

  • The Prince and the Witch by Marianne Hesse

    by Marianne Hesse

    In The Prince and the Witch, a young prince is set to inherit the throne but he doesn’t care a fig about having the whole kingdom at his disposal. He’d rather sing a salty tune, or swing a rat, or mock a loon, and gallivant around.
    When he decides to pull rank on a witch to get what he wants, he discovers that not everyone who tangles with the crone ends up stewing in their own juices, but, in this instance, he may not be so lucky.

  • by Marianne Hesse

    Not everyone who refuses to accept good advice ends up lost at sea, but in The Fishers’ Tale, that may have been the case.

  • by Marianne Hesse

    It’s not often that children are unable to finish their dinner due to an insolent, hungry raptor that refuses to leave the table, but it appears as though Freddie has suddenly found himself among those unfortunate few.

  • by Marianne Hesse

    How realistic is it to expect a good night’s sleep when your rambunctious puppies are convinced that they have a much better idea for how the rest of your evening should be spent? “Then We’ll Say Goodnight” is a bedtime story for young children and may also be used to help them learn or practice their numbers as they try to keep track of where the various puppies may have run to.


  • Sophia

    What an endearing tale of adorable rambunctious puppies. I was especially drawn to the multiple pages depicting only pictures as the book led up to the ability to open up dialogue with my grandchildren. And so many pages to interactive and observe what was transpiring! This has become one of their favorite, as each time we are engaged in this book, they discover something else they didn’t see previously.

  • Cheryl

    “Then We’ll Say Goodnight” is delightful tale told in lyrical rhyming text and utterly charming illustrations of seven rambunctious puppies and the trials of a child settling into sleep. I couldn’t help but think of the antics of the “puppers” but also of my niece and nephew at the end of an exciting day. Closing one’s eyes on an enticing world is never easy.

  • Joan

    The story was charming and the drawings wonderful. The kids loved it!