I started this book by realizing my family of cats had given me a wealth of tales and information to share. I have been observing their behavior over many years and learned that through their expressions and actions, they have the ability to teach numerous life lessons while also being very entertaining. I decided the best way to convey this information was to capture it in children’s books where it could be described as well as illustrated.

My cats became the subjects of a series of books titled: “Siberian Cat Tales.” Nicky came to our family prior to the pandemic, however, I had memories and photos of his arrival and escapades. I compiled this history and began to write my first book about “Making New Friends.” It has been a joy to write and a privilege to share it with you.

Titles by Mary M. Annie

  • by Mary M. Annie

    A home from home.

    Nicky the White Flame Point Siberian kitten is feeling excited!
    Join Nicky with his friends, Tiger Lily and Jazzi, on their family vacation adventure.

    See what amazing things they’ll see and learn in another purrfectly delightful story by Mary M. Annie, book two in the Siberian Cat Tales series.

  • by Mary M. Annie

    A new home. A new life.

    Nicky the White Flame Point Siberian kitten is feeling nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. How will he fit in with the other two feline residents in his new home?

    See how Nicky finds his way in this purrfectly delightful story.

    Making New Friends is the first book in Mary M. Annie’s Siberian Cat Tales series.