Meghan Jisho McDonald Caughey, M.F.A., born in Atlanta, Georgia, is an artist, musician, poet, and mental health activist. She has taught in art schools and universities in California and Oregon. Her drawings and paintings are exhibited and published nationally. A respected advocate in mental health reform, her essays have been published in medical journals. She is a keynote speaker and presenter at numerous mental health conferences. As a cellist, she previously performed with symphony orchestras. Currently, she is senior director of peer-delivered services at a health non-profit in Portland, Oregon. She has designed innovative behavioral health training curricula and programs. She is also a clinical faculty member of the Psychiatry Department at Oregon Health and Science University. Her service dog, Ananda, is her muse.

Title by Meghan J.M. Caughey

  • by Meghan J.M. Caughey

    Mud Flower: Surviving Schizophrenia and Suicide Through Art shows the perspective of a person who has a serious mental illness, who survives extreme treatments, who both family and the health system have given up on, but who defies all expectations and common beliefs of what is possible.

    Along the way, the author describes the role of art in her survival, grappling with how the life force can be either nurtured or destroyed by elements in our environment, such as nature, beauty, and art versus dehumanization and coercion.