Melissa Pulido-Chavez is a single mother born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her strict working class, Mexican-American immigrant parents instilled in her the importance of discipline, hard work, and education. At a very early age, reading and writing became a creative outlet that she used to create amazing stories—stories not only to entertain but to hand down the same values for generations to come.

Title by Melissa Pulido-Chavez

  • by Melissa Pulido-Chavez

    The Mayan Warrior relates an ancient Mayan legend displaying the cultural richness of this indigenous civilization.
    This is the story of Cuitzi, a young warrior seeking to earn his place as a hero. Jungle creatures help him along the way as he learns to face and overcome obstacles by trusting his intuition and believing in himself despite all odds.
    Enjoy the twists and turns, laughs, and beautiful message within this story of magical adventure.