Milree Latimer is a retired teacher/professor and expat Canadian living in Central Oregon with her husband and their three cats. She is the author of a memoir and a novel, Those We Left Behind.

Title by Milree Latimer

  • Genre: Novels

    Where is home when nothing is certain? 1913. Martha, fifteen years old, is sent from an orphanage in Dublin to relatives she’s never met in Canada, to her cousin, Anna, a kindred spirit, to her aunt who loathes her. Here Martha uncovers a tragic family history. When WWI occurs, Anna, voyages to France to care for wounded and loses herself in shell shock. Martha leaves the emptiness of her adopted family and becomes a wartime farmerette. Her life is as a farmer, mother, a wife to Charlie coming home from war, broken. In 1938, Simon Lansky, a German Jewish professor asks for help in rescuing his daughters from a dreadful fate. Martha and Anna, hardened to war and its torments, travel to Europe to rescue the girls.
    Will Simon survive the war and reunite with his daughters?
    Will war define Martha and Anna, determine where they belong?