Milree Latimer is an author who lives in Central Oregon. She is an expat Canadian who has been a teacher and a professor most of her life. Presently, she lives in the shelter of the Cascade Mountains with her husband, Jerry, and her cat, Justice. Latimer is the author of a memoir, and three novels, The Shelter of Each Other, Those We Left Behind, and Out of Place.

Titles by Milree Latimer

  • by Milree Latimer

    • Released: July 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    When thirty-year-old teacher Meg Blackwell embarks on a renovation project at the old family farmhouse, she discovers letters and photographs that begin to unravel the fabric of her identity.

    As she investigates a tragedy that originated in one man’s twisted desire for recognition, Meg realizes that she isn’t who she thought she was – and that she’s inextricably linked to three generations of women whose creative gifts carry them through the darkest moments of their lives

    The Shelter Of Each Other is the story of how these three women come to revise and reshape themselves, and of the creative spirit itself, which contains the power to nourish and sustain, and sometimes, to break us.

    The story unfolds in Ontario, Canada, Scotland and in France, from 1902 until 1950.

  • by Milree Latimer

    Where is home when nothing is certain? 1913. Martha, fifteen years old, is sent from an orphanage in Dublin to relatives she’s never met in Canada, to her cousin, Anna, a kindred spirit, to her aunt who loathes her. Here Martha uncovers a tragic family history. When WWI occurs, Anna, voyages to France to care for wounded and loses herself in shell shock. Martha leaves the emptiness of her adopted family and becomes a wartime farmerette. Her life is as a farmer, mother, a wife to Charlie coming home from war, broken. In 1938, Simon Lansky, a German Jewish professor asks for help in rescuing his daughters from a dreadful fate. Martha and Anna, hardened to war and its torments, travel to Europe to rescue the girls.
    Will Simon survive the war and reunite with his daughters?
    Will war define Martha and Anna, determine where they belong?

  • self-publishing

    by Milree Latimer

    • Released: December 2017
    • Genre: Novels

    Dr. Casey MacMillan teaches about love and loss, yet has carefully constructed her life to distance herself from pain. Her world unravels when a woman from her past enters into a love affair with Galean, her close friend. Fearing both the consequences of this new relationship and the sting of her unrequited feelings for Galean, she flees to Ireland. There, far from all that is familiar, she begins a search for clarity and discovers that she must revisit everything she believes in life in order to finally arrive at the truth. Renewed, she emerges from her exile, but an unexpected turn of events leads her to consider a bold move, a risk that will change the course of her life. Casey must face her deepest fears and decide if she’s ready to love and be loved—not just on the page, but in real life.