Morgan Scott Phenix, Ed.D., is a career educator and administrator, wanderer, day-dreamer, and former retiree. He is the author of Elizabeth’s Story and A Life Worth Living/A Story Worth Telling. He makes his home in Kettle Hollow, Page County, Virginia.

Title by Morgan Scott Phenix

  • by Morgan Scott Phenix

    • Released: December 2022
    • Genre: Poetry

    As we gather, weave our legacies, and behold the common threads, we may just be blessed by the precious and sometimes unexpected warmth of the resulting fabric. The blessing may even be in something we failed at or lost along the way. Our days are few. How we spend them reflects what is most valuable, most durable, most honorable. This collection of personal essays, stories, and poems is dedicated to any and all who cherish the moment, remember the day, and honor the years.