N.R. King lives in Maryland with her husband. Born and raised in upstate New York, she earned her BA from Antioch College and holds graduate degrees from Harvard University and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Courtships, her first collection of linked stories, appeared in 2019 and introduced readers to Ada (Addy) Kaminsky. Kessler Women, her second work of fiction, completes Ada’s story.

Title by N.R. King

  • by N.R. King

    • Released: April 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    This collection of linked stories opens with Ada’s arrival in the United States in 1937. Eager to leave memories of Scotland behind, she looks forward to life as Mrs. Douglas Kessler, the bride of a young doctor, cherished by her husband, adored by his family and extolled by their friends. It is not long, however, before her fantasies are overtaken by reality. Distracted by his career, Douglas neglects her, and Ada finds herself overwhelmed by his loud, intrusive family and preyed upon by his father. Her sheltered childhood and her pride and reserve leave Ada ill-prepared for the challenges she meets as she struggles to find a place in her new world.

    Kessler Women explores the lives of mothers and daughters across three generations, revealing the impact of upbringing on their relationships and the consequences of the choices they make.