Nancy Rhodes grew up in northern California. From a young age she enjoyed traveling to faraway places and eventually moved to Santiago, Chile, where she resided for six years. Nancy currently lives on the Oregon coast and enjoys writing, reading, whale watching, and getting outdoors as much as possible between the raindrops. Blue Song was inspired by her passion for all creatures that must fight for survival in our seas.

Title by Nancy Rhodes

  • by Nancy Rhodes

    • Released: May 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    Through the course of twelve turbulent months, Allie’s past and present collide when her passion for whales begins to change her perspective and priorities. Allie has spent the last thirty years of her life coasting, held back by a traumatic event that happened in her twenties. Fed up with her job and her life, she purchases a one-way ticket to Chile, intending to find the man responsible for that life-altering event. But unimaginable challenges arise when a group of blue whale poachers suspect she’s a spy sent to destroy their selfish exploits.