Title by Neal Bialostosky

  • by Neal Bialostosky

    • Released: April 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    Dreamscapes, androids, an acid trip, corrupt media, immigrants, racists, progressives, a terrorist attack, a magical owl, the Chinese mafia, and an enlightening walk through the Garden of Eden, all set right in this distant Paradise.

    In a far away parallel universe, on a planet called Earth, the city of Paradise is in big trouble. But only Alfred, a powerful AI butler, seems to be paying attention. The rest of the city is caught up in a deeply divisive race between mayor Teresa Vasquez, and her surprise opponent, business mogul and reality TV star…the Black Hole.

    As Ben Collins navigates his way through the tangled web of the city’s bureaucracy, we encounter strange and memorable characters…including the secretive Mad Russian, programmer-extraordinaire Nigel Dearborn, and Rumpelstiltskin, the failed CIO.

    Don’t be surprised dear reader, if you feel both mentally and physically transported to this distant valley…only to find you’ve gone nowhere at all. And should you continue to hear voices inside your head after setting this book down, possibly it’s just Nigel logging in with the Cerebral Enhancer POV Monitor to check on your current condition. Be brave.