Nicholas is a polyamorous writer and former police officer who loves spending time with his family and engaging in hobbies such as podcasting, streaming, recording for YouTube, and watching All Elite Wrestling. He is an avid Funko Pop collector.

Title by Nicholas Karasoulis

  • by Nicholas Karasoulis

    In a world where the supernatural is real, a secret society of the descendants of Camelot use powers bestowed upon their family bloodlines by Excalibur to protect humans from dark forces. Jacob is a newly minted knight from New Camelot Academy. As prestigious members of the Delta Squad, he and his ragtag group of friends have garnered quite a name for themselves and are eager to prove themselves.

    The opportunity presents itself when the squad is sent on a mission to deal with a local werewolf pack. They are aided by Atsumi, Princess of New Camelot, a fiercely vicious fighter gifted with her family’s power of immortality. Atsumi’s father, who assumed power after the former king of the Pendragon Bloodline was suspiciously murdered, orders her to kill most of the werewolves. Even though the plan will guarantee success for Jacob and the Delta Squad, it will throw them in conflict with the very core values of Camelot.

    Jacob and Delta Squad must battle supernatural creatures and personal demons to uncover the truth of New Camelot and what happened to the last Pendragon King while trying to maintain the balance of the world itself.