Peter O. Pritchard is a non-denominational ordained servant-leader who has served as a teacher, elder, and pastor. He met the Lord at age fourteen through the evangelistic youth ministry YoungLife. Peter earned his Master of Divinity degree in 1999 from Ashland Theological Seminary and was recipient of the ‘Outstanding Spiritual Formation’ award. He is also an executive recruiter, working in that field since 1988. He and his wife, June, live in Northeast Ohio; were married in 1981 and have four children together.

Title by Peter O. Pritchard

  • by Peter O. Pritchard

    There’s no doubt about it, today’s men, including Christians, are bombarded with sexual temptations—the discreet ones to the overt—from the Internet, television, movies, other media, and the whole sexually explicit and permissive culture. This very helpful and practical book offers:

    Truth for each day—for living all month long in mental and moral purity, and in the wonderful freedom it brings Biblical answers and urgent help for all struggling with the devastating seduction and bondage of Pornography Wisdom and warnings—encouragement and strength—for facing and winning a godly man’s unique male battles
    Practical ways to avoid temptations and sins incited by lust
    A frontal counter-attack against Satan’s cunning lies and lures
    Resisting Potiphar’s Wife is for men seeking true victory over sexual temptations—for men concerned with producing lives of strong character, greater purity, and spiritual maturity.

    We assure you: this book will speak to your heart and help you change your life in radical life-giving, fruit-bearing, and lasting ways!