Peter Vanderwall was inspired to write Mac’s Big Wish by a bedtime story that he told his sons, Eric and Kenny, when they were growing up. He is also a screenwriter whose produced movies include Hide Away, Reverse Angle, and Shadowheart. Peter lives with his wife, Kathleen, in the Pacific Northwest where they enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, and other outdoor adventures. Peter supports the work of the Humane Society of the United States. Peter’s website includes free open-source lesson plans that support Mac’s Big Wish and also an email subscription signup for news and sequels.

Title by Peter Vanderwall

Mac’s Big Wish is the first in a series of children’s picture story books to be published by Sophie & Sheba Books. Sophie & Sheba Books is a project of Peter Vanderwall and Dr. Kathleen Heide Vanderwall. It was created to publish Mac’s Big Wish and a future series of children’s picture story books about Mac and his further adventures and discoveries as a therapy dog.

  • A Children's Book about the Power of Friendship

    Released: July 2022

    Genre: Children's books

    Do you ever feel alone and unwanted? An inspiring tale for all ages, Mac’s Big Wish helps us understand the true value of friendship. After spending much of his life alone at Puddleton’s Pet Rescue watching other dogs leave happily with new owners, Mac the Corgi almost gives up hope for a loving home. But then he gets a special job at Oak Knoll Care Center and learns he too has much to give as a companion to others who also feel alone and unwanted.


  • Third Grade Student, Laurel Elementary, Junction City, OR

    I thought it was going to be a sad book, so I got ready to be resilient. Then I realized it was a happy book, so I just felt the joy – like sunshine.

  • Joy Burleigh, Happy Plants, Salem, OR

    Amazing book! Great read! Getting all five grandkids this book as soon as possible.

  • Amy Betz, Tiny Tales Editing, Bethel, CT

    Every time I read this story my heart just bursts for that little dog, Mac.
    The illustrator has done such a nice job;
    she is so great with animals! And I just love her WISH art. It is perfect that Peter Vanderwall supports the Humane Society!

  • Dr. Susan Inman, Successful Public School Teacher and Administrator currently serving as a School Improvement Consultant and Adjunct Faculty, Bushnell University

    One of the astonishing qualities of Mac’s Big Wish is that it allows a focus on literacy including the “moral of the story,” as well as focus on social emotional learning including optimism and offering help.