R.A. Ziliant is a survivor of early childhood sexual abuse. She graduated summa cum laude and is a successful businesswoman. This is her first published work. She comes from a long line of Irish bakers going back a number of generations and considers herself a baker extraordinaire. She is a world traveler and enjoys many outdoor activities. She and her husband of thirty-three years live in New Hampshire with their two dogs and an adopted feral cat. They have two wonderful and successful adult children.

Title by R.A. Ziliant

  • by R.A. Ziliant

    Navigating The Coyotes In Our Presence is written BY a survivor FOR survivors.The coyote is a metaphor for child molesters, pedophiles, rapists, and abusers. This memoir follows a four-year-old victim of sexual abuse through life and weaves the characteristics of the coyote, both natural and mythological, into the story. In the mythological sense, coyotes (if seen) represent the end of something or a new beginning. Using the coyote as the predator provides a profound twist on a devastating subject. As events unfold, the enduring question is: “Can I successfully navigate the coyotes in my presence?” (Hint: Survivors are as adaptable as their predators.)