After earning his BA in psychology in 1973 from Northern Illinois University, Tom Pisapia spent more than forty years in the mortgage industry, taking mortgages literally from Main Street to Wall Street and back again. Along the way he made stops at Fannie Mae, The Federal Home Loan Bank, the FDIC/RTC, numerous savings and loans, mortgage companies, and even a few banks. Not surprisingly, Pisapia migrated toward the credit union industry, which gave him that same feeling of purpose and greater good that he remembered from his savings and loan days. He is the author of Pottersville: Where Is the Bailey Building and Loan?

Title by R. Dean Jerde & Tom Pisapia

  • by R. Dean Jerde, Tom Pisapia

    Dean returned from Vietnam in January, 1969 to a country torn apart by the war. Sadly for Dean, the anti-war sentiment targeted the warriors as well. Seeking refuge with veterans from previous wars, he was rebuked for not having won his war as they had theirs in Germany, Japan, and Korea. So Dean buried that one year, one month, and ten days in Vietnam deep within his psyche and made sure never to speak of it in the next fifty years—not to his wife, his sons, brothers, or even the closest of friends. In retirement, Dean’s PTSD returned with a fury, first during the night, then taking over his waking hours.