Robert LeBrun is a full-time man of faith, a part-time writer and a forever thinker. Writing helps him communicate the need to place the world on hold and think about where one is going. In the words of the Lord and Savior, Jesus: What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

Title by Robert L. LeBrun

  • Released: January 2022

    Genre: Fantasy

    Death has many ways to take you.
    But what happens afterwards?
    Will you fall further into darkness
    or finally see the light?

    Death Has Its Ways is a collection of ten stories of everyday people who make ill-fated decisions causing death to take them away. But death doesn’t have the final say. Higher powers have an ultimate destination in mind. After their fall from grace, the characters in these stories soon find out that their final chapter in life depends on good versus evil and the battle for their souls. In the end, they are held accountable and reap what they sow.