Raised on a farm near his birth place of Bucyrus, Ohio, Ron graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, served in the Army and worked in manufacturing before joining the Peace Corps in Malaysia. When he returned to the United States he moved to the West Coast where he lived for seven years, accepting summer employment at Yosemite National Park prior to relocating to San Diego and, later, to a job with the city of Anaheim. Before, during, and after his time in California he was hospitalized several times for what was subsequently diagnosed as bipolar incidences. He returned to Ohio and found employment at The Ohio State University and with the State of Ohio. He is blessed to have been in an over twenty-five year relationship with his partner, Judy. Together they have traveled extensively, visiting all the continents except Antarctica.

Titles by Ronald Lutz

Writing the novel Elusive Getaway was the result of a long process starting with the purchase of a book, continued with an aborted screen play based on the book, and finally deciding to compose my own work of fiction. ‘The Narrow Corner’ caught my attention at a local bookstore one day. A cursory inspection of the novel led me to buy the book, misstaking it for the title of the film ‘The Narrow Margin’. The book was not the basis for the film, but proved to be an interesting, yet somehow unsatisfactory, read; unsatisfactory to me because the story lacked any significant male/female relationships. A friend, who graduated from the American Film Institute in their writing program, suggested a screenplay could be developed based on the novel to include my own impressions. The adapted screenplay was eventually rejected by Linn Pictures, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. Because Warner Brothers owned the exclusive rights to the novel, further efforts to get the screenplay produced would have been prohibited. It was then my efforts turned to writing a novel that incorporated ideas developed in the screenplay adaptation and other elements that formed a completely unique story.

  • by Ronald Lutz

    • Released: June 2022
    • Genre: Memoirs

    Indications of a Mysterious Path is the story of the life of Ronald Lutz written sequentially from his birth (1947) to the present (2022). Juxtaposed with certain historical events during those years, it details the experiences of a troubled man who, although nurtured by loving parents, found it difficult to form and maintain friendships. A college graduate, he was conscripted by the army, worked in manufacturing, and served in the army before joining the Peace Corps. Beset by problems of alcoholism and mental illness, he eventually met a woman with a quiet, gentle spirit. They developed a lasting relationship and over their course of time together toured the world while he continued a journey of discovery on a mysterious path.

  • by Ronald Lutz

    • Released: January 2020
    • Genre: Novels

    When a corrupt Australian politician running for reelection learns a hidden video tape has recorded his conversations it leads to murder. His estranged son, fiance of the victim and present at the scene of the murder, threatens to expose his crime before being coerced to leave the country on a high seas motor yacht. Adding to the intrigue, the yachtsman – also marked for elimination by the politician – has read an email his wife has written exposing her past infidelity. The letter does little to lessen his burgeoning feelings for a woman he meets on the Australian island of Boigu and takes with him to Bali.