Sarah Nightingale is a light and vision therapist living in the Pacific Northwest. Her life has been devoted to expressing the power of healing and exploring spirituality. Her natural curiosity and love of travel have taken her to many places. Sarah’s spiritual adventures inspired her first novel, Beloved Lotus, a journey back to ancient Egypt and the life of the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut.

Title by Sarah Nightingale

  • Love Across the Centuries

    Released: April 2023

    Genre: Novels

    Journey with Elena as she explores the landscape of longing and love that will catapult her into deepening revelations of her life and soul.

    Called forth from her life in Seattle, Elena travels to Perugia, Italy in search of her birth mother who is now a cloistered nun. She has wondered about her birth family for all of her life, and the mystery deepens after a tragic accident that opens a portal to a life in Renaissance Italy with the artist Raphael. Elena’s new relationships weave together with old ones in a rich tapestry of abiding connections and complex memories as secrets reverberate within her life experiences and across time.

    Enriched and illuminated by twenty-seven full-color images of unforgettable art from the Florentine period of Raphael, Leonardo, and Michaelangelo, Deep Remembrance is as engaging and thought provoking as it is filled with rich historical detail. The story offers the reader a choice to be part of Elena’s spiritual unfolding and share in the transcendent power of love.