Title by Sherry Dee Lady

  • by Sherry Dee Lady

    One cannot make it through eight decades of life without having learned at least one important thing. Then one day I was asked to write something of spiritual encouragement for a monthly church bulletin. That step began the formation of thoughts, feelings, inspirations, and stories from life experiences and energized the bringing forth of all that I had held inside over the years. Adding to that were inspirations from friends, their stories, and a heart opening that allowed me to view all of life at more depth. I have continued those essays and will do so as long as life allows.
    People have asked me for copies of the essays and have encouraged me to put them between the covers of a book. This has helped me step out of my usual routine and into gathering the writings, organizing them, adding my daughter’s photography, and, along with my son’s support, to share it all in what I have titled In Awe of it All, which I truly am. I hope—somewhere along the reader’s path—some of what I share will be meaningful and bring perhaps new perspectives as well as add a smile to their day.
    That would bring me great joy.