Stephan Cameron, in the truest sense, has coauthored this unusual work, Conversations with Nature Spirits, through the remarkable experience of having nature spirits directly dictate their inspiration as this book. It makes sense that they would entrust him with their hidden but practical wisdom, as most of his life he has been soul-compelled to explore the depths of Spirit. In his own words, he “has led a blessed life, being given many strange and wonderful spiritual experiences at the feet of Eastern teachers and Native American mentors.”

Today, he and his beloved wife, Barbara, live in the southwest hills of Eugene, Oregon, sharing the woods with the deer, wild turkeys, bear, and cougar. As grandparents, they take great pleasure in sharing their love of nature with their children and grandchildren. They are both devotees of Paramahansa Yoganda and owners of a well-known international chai company.

Title by Stephan Cameron

  • Awakening and Igniting Our Passion for Healing the Earth

    Released: September 2021

    Genre: Nonfiction

    In light of the current climate change crisis, there is a growing recognition of the need to broaden our awareness and demonstrate a fresh way of interacting with our planet.

    Conversations with Nature Spirits offers a more intimate way of interacting with the natural world around us. Through a stunning series of photographs and the author’s personal accounts of interactions with nature spirits, it is revealed that everything is interdependent, has consciousness, and desires to communicate with us. Readers are invited to explore their deeper connection with the divine wisdom and harmony found in nature, opening the way to adoption of more sustainable lifestyles and to the critical transformation of consciousness that is vital to our survival on this planet.