Stephanie has traveled these same roads during her long lifetime, beginning when she was seven years old and camped with her folks for the first time in Colter Bay. She told them then, that she was “going to marry a cowboy and live in Jackson Hole!” The cowboy never happened, but her kids, grandkids and great grandkids have come here through the years and shared many of these same adventures. Stephanie has lived happily in Jackson for the last 21 years.

Title by Stephanie Lee Brown

  • by Stephanie Lee Brown

    Mia is finally big enough to go on her first camping adventure with her Grandma!
    Hop on the big yellow bus with Grandma, Mia, and an orange cat named Goober as they explore two of America’s favorite national parks—Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

    How Big is Big Enough? is a delightful story not just about growing up and growing old, but also the joys of sharing all these beautiful parks have to offer from one generation to the next.

    It’s a journey of discovery, understanding the land, the environment, the wild animals, and the beauty and magic of this fragile and special place.
    Enjoy the trip!