TED FICKEN is a credentialed music therapist who has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music therapy from the University of Kansas. He completed a PhD in Public Health at Oregon State University. He is also a certified professional in healthcare quality (CPHQ) and currently teaches “Quality Improvement in Healthcare” at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He is passionate about speaking out against hate.

Title by Ted Ficken, PhD

  • by Ted Ficken PhD

    HATE MUSIC IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE THAT REQUIRES ATTENTION, INVESTIGATION, AND COMPASSIONATE UNDERSTANDING. A music therapist explores the world of hate music, pairing narratives from that industry with stories about music therapists, exploring intersections, relationships, and juxtapositions. Music of Hate, Music for Healing includes a look into the roots and history of hate music and music therapy as well as information gleaned from recent headlines and ideas for reachable solutions to address the growth of hate music.