The Reverend Tilda Norberg is the founder of Gestalt Pastoral Care, a unique pastoral approach. A retired United Methodist clergywoman, she is author of seven books, including Consenting to Grace: An Introduction to Gestalt Pastoral Care and Chocolate-Covered Umbrella: Discovering Your Dreamcode. She lives in Staten Island, New York, with her husband, the Reverend George McClain, and their beloved canine companion Sophie.

Title by Tilda Norberg

  • by Tilda Norberg

    • Released: March 2023
    • Genre: Memoirs
    Tilda Norberg’s Dancing in the Parking Lot tells the story of a life on the creative edges of church and society. In these pages, the author reveals experiences that shaped her: her Alabama roots with “Granny,” a mountain midwife; lessons from her mother, “The Rebel”; and perhaps most significantly, the sudden death of Norberg’s devoted parents in an Easter Day plane crash when she was just sixteen years old.

    In her adult life, Norberg shepherded an East Harlem street gang; became a feminist; climbed mountains; fought for ordination; and birthed a ministry. In these pages, you are invited to step into the life of a modern mystic, social activist, feminist pioneer, church reformer, and revered counselor.