Finding Hydrangeas is Tom Smyly’s second book and first novel. He lives in Eugene, Oregon, with his wife, Janet, and Kiwi the cat.

Title by Tom Smyly

  • by Tom Smyly

    • Released: January 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    “We’re all terrible in someone’s story.”

    Jake Campton is haunted by his friend’s words and by irreversible choices made years ago. Troubled by vivid dreams and “regrets that seep through my skin like mud through soggy shoes,” he decides to take a road trip with his yellow lab, Orson, to try and give a voice to his friend, Otter. Using Otter’s poems as motivation, he travels the West Coast, seeking peace and resolution in the places where he grew up.

    Incorporating musings and insights from Eastern wisdom, Finding Hydrangeas is a touching story, written with heart and compassion, about the search for meaning and personal forgiveness. Is it true—that no matter how much one revisits the past, there is nothing new to see? Jake seeks to find out.