Like many of its residents, Tom Walsh felt the spiritual energy in Sedona, Arizona and decided to move there. During the pandemic the Sedona Heritage Museum, replete with its indigenous plants and historical artifacts, and the Orchards section of Sedona became Tom’s daily walking wonderland for over a year and a half. Tom felt that paying his respects to Sedona, its history, culture and fascinating local characters by using Sedona’s solace as his debut novel backdrop was an appropriate no-brainer. Tom, his wife Mindy, and their dog, Kirk, live in Sedona and are amazed by the wonders of their city, their neighborhood and the people that call Sedona home every day.

Title by Tom Walsh

  • by Tom Walsh

    • Released: March 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    At the moment of death, one soul faces the biggest decision about life.
    Coping with mental health challenges, Tony Golden is drawn to the positive spiritual energy of the Southwest.

    But when he becomes a victim of a murderous crime at his volunteer position at the Sedona Heritage Museum, he has to act fast. Tony’s soul arrives on the soul plane, and seconds later he finds that he has a big decision to make regarding his future.

    Tony travels with his spirit guide to relive moments of his life at the Akashic record—the collection of past, present, and future life events—so he can decide whether he is ready to depart or must seek resolution on earth. Has Tony learned all of life’s lessons, or is he destined to return to his physical body?