William D. Marshall was fortunate to have grown up on a farm in this great country. He has a background in history, computers and economics, and prizes common sense, economic justice and opportunity for all. He continues to search for the basic causes of problems and try to find good and common solutions.

Title by William D. Marshall

  • by William D. Marshall

    Our country, the beloved USA is in a political and economic mess. The 2020 general election is a must date to start repairs. The major political and economic problems of America are joined at the hip. While democracy is a political system and capitalism is an economic system, they are intertwined. Both areas are in a downward spiral. Damn Good Solutions for a Better America identifies the causes of our nation’s political and economic problems and provides the needed remedies for a better America. In it, author Bill Marshall proposes conceptual solutions for America’s biggest problems. The repair will require years and even decades. For example, at least four years is needed to achieve a balanced budget and another twenty years to reduce our nation’s debt. It will take four to eight years to restore our nation’s democracy from the current excessive corrupted system. Another five to ten years to close down over 500 overseas military bases and at least ten years to provide a better balanced and more equitable capitalism. With your help we can resolve or fix America’s major problems and achieve a better America. Damn Good Solutions for a Better America offers practical and actionable advise that you can act on NOW!