The Revelations of Adelheid Langmann by Leonard P. Hindsley

by Leonard P. Hindsley

Numerous books entitled Revelations were written by Dominican nuns and mystics of the fourteenth century. Adelheid Langmann (1306-1375), a nun of the Monastery of Engelthal in Bavaria, composed her own Revelations recording events of her life and mystical experiences with the Trinity, Christ, the Virgin, and angels and saints. Also included in this volume is The Prayer, a meditation on the events of the life of Christ and petitions connected to them. Excerpts from her correspondence with the Cistercian Abbot, Ulrich of Kaisheim, show her connection to a wider circle called the Friends of God. Adelheid’s writings reveal an intense spiritual life in a Dominican monastery in the context of the religious and political turmoil of her times. Given the confusion of her age, Christ revealed to her: “. . . no one can do anything more dear to me than to pray for sinners.” She dedicated herself to praying for the souls in purgatory, the conversion of sinners and the strengthening in faith of all who believe.