By Diane Dennis of Inspired Media Communications


The role of the author during the writing process is defined by isolation, research, seclusion, and dedication. It is a labor of intensity and love.

Upon completion, the book makes its debut to the world through the publishing process.* Most authors don’t think too much about what’s next. After all writing a book is time consuming and all encompassing.

But once the book is published, a new set of skills is needed. The book is not going to sell itself. In my job as a publicist, I’ve found that authors come to me later rather than sooner, frustrated that their book is not flying off the shelf.

They haven’t approached the process of being an author as a business. All businesses require a complex set of strategies to move products or services, and to do that, they need to use marketing and PR to drive sales.

Jennifer Johnson, author of An Awakening Walk-500 Miles to Self Love and Acceptance on the Camino de Santiago wanted her book to be a part of a new business. As she was working on publishing her book with Luminare Press, she came to us for PR and marketing, and the results are newsworthy. Her book is Number One on Kindle in specialty travel. We have branded her as author and tour guide. Her business is thriving.

Jennifer has appeared on TV in Phoenix, Portland, and Palm Desert. She has presented book talks, radio interviews, book signings and slide presentations. She was interviewed for a three part series on Soulivity Live, an international online video interview magazine. She is on a national book tour, and as an extension of the book, has become a tour guide, taking groups of people on the sacred pilgrimage through Spain and Portugal. Her mission is to guide people to have meaningful and spiritual experiences, awakenings and shifts, through the sacred walk along the ancient path of the Camino.

Publicists use multiple strategies for marketing books, including press releases, acquiring book reviews and applying for awards, radio, TV and print interviews, branding, social media campaigns, and blogging. All of these strategies require a sub-set of proficiencies and skills. We mentor and coach our authors to be TV ready, to deliver a presentation with compelling messaging, and to define the target demographic and audience for the book, so that all messages, ads, and images are congruent, consistent, and have solid branding. Most of all we look into the heart of the author and create a platform that makes their book and their story come to life.

*It must be stated that choosing a good publisher is a key step for an author. At this juncture many new and complex decisions are called for: book title, book cover, graphics, color, distribution, and editing choices. Luminare Press navigates this process with skill and proficiency for their authors.

(Note from Luminare Press:We appreciate the nice shout out!)

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