Postcards are a perfect way to reach a large audience by mail. Whether you use them to announce a product or an event, a postcard mailer is an effective way to spread the word.

5″x7″ postcard mailer
Price includes:

  • Custom design

PLEASE NOTE: Effective June 12th 2023: bookmarks, postcards, and business cards will no longer include printed copies. Cost is for design and digital file only.
See below for more information.

How it works

Reach your readers by mail to let them know about your book or an event. Our professionally designed postcards can advertise events or announce your book’s release. You can deliver by mail or attach a PDF to email, but why not do both?


Important note about printing: This product will be delivered as a digital file ready to print. You will not receive printed copies delivered to you. We will provide clear instructions on how you can get it printed using different services. Printing options may be available for an extra fee.
Why this change? Due to cost increase we are not able to provide high-quality printed products at this price. We also want to give you more flexibility letting you order the quantity you need from the printer of your choice.
If you need assistance with printing please contact us.


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