"For speakers and entrepreneurs, a book is a launching pad for the credibility of their overall profile." —Forbes

When we started Luminare press, we were inspired by an article in Forbes that highlighted professionals publishing books as a way to enhance or change their careers. The article mentioned several professionals—from dentists to fitness coaches to attorneys—who had written books to share their knowledge, encourage new clients, and enhance their credentials in their field.

We quickly realized that formatting a business or how-to book required a completely different approach than a novel or a memoir. Business or self-help books often have a wide range of text styles, including multiple subheads, quotes, and lists. They sometimes have exercises, case studies, or passages that are distinguished from the main text body. They often include images, charts and graphs, and sometimes in-text graphics, such as arrows or blank lines, footnotes or endnotes, appendixes, indexes, and bibliographies.

The challenge in designing this type of book is to present a broad array of information in a clear, consistent manner that will appeal to a reader. A business, self-help, or how-to book must have the content laid out in a way that makes sense and is accessible in discrete elements.

If you are a professional considering publishing a book, you must make certain that your book is not handled carelessly. The layout of the book, the presentation and order of the material, and the consistency of the formatting are essential. Can the reader easily access exercises, worksheets, and case studies? Every individual element of the page—including the headers, footers, text styles, and even the table of contents—must be considered to make sense as a whole.

Luminare Press experts will work with you to determine how to best organize and present your content. We carefully consider the type of book that you are publishing and your target audience, then create styles that will be unique to you and your project.

Please Note: If you have written a business book that does not have complicated formatting, charts, and images, then please talk to us about the possibility of utilizing one of our other publishing formats. For instance, if your business book is mostly text laid out in chapters, we could possibly publish it at the novel/memoir price. Please contact us to determine the best approach and pricing for your book.