Our specialized package for illustrated Children's Book.
It includes up to 20 images and 3000 words in addition to our premium publishing services.
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Children’s picture books present a fun opportunity for our team. Not only do we enjoy the process, but it gives us a chance to unleash our inner children and create books that both kids and adults will adore.

Children’s books, like any, are all about content. The author supplies text and images to Luminare. Then we consider the target age group, and we determine the appropriate size and format. We love looking for the perfect font—one that complements the illustrations, matches the tone of the book, and, most importantly, is legible for beginning readers—because even if the book is aimed toward pre-school, we want older children to be able to read it out loud. Is there anything more wonderful than seeing new readers reading to their younger siblings or friends?

If you have a children’s book, we’d love to talk to you about bringing it to life. We are offering a 30-minute free consultation, go ahead and book your call!
And if you have written a story but don’t yet have an illustrator, fill out the free consultation form or email and we can make recommendations.