"Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history." —Leonardo da Vinci

What would the world be without poetry? At Luminare Press, we’re pleased to be able to usher new poems into the world. We love working on poetry books, and we strive to keep the price affordable.

Poetry requires a unique approach to layout that is far more challenging than a novel.

The type of poem often informs the fonts used for titling and verse. We appraise how the poems are formatted in general—how long they are, whether the line length is consistent from poem to poem in order to space each verse elegantly on the page. Specific poems need to be carefully formatted, often line-by-line, in order to flow on the page. The spacing for each poem needs to be considered, too, and unlike novels, where text is the same from chapter to chapter, the horizontal and vertical spacing of poetry can vary from poem to poem.

The cover design allows for a little more poetic license, if you will. Cover images can be abstract or concrete. Because there is no easily identifiable style associated with poetry, we encourage authors to indicate in the title that it is a book of poems, perhaps with a reading-line indicating dates.

When you entrust us with your poetry, you can be sure we’ll make all of the elements work together to produce a volume that reflects the quality of the words it contains.