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What’s the difference between Standard and Complex layout?

Any book that has consistent text flow, uninterrupted by images, charts, worksheets, lists, subheads, quotes, and/or other unusual text is considered a standard layout. This includes most novels and memoirs. Scene breaks, quotes or datelines at the beginning of chapters, use of italics, and section pages are not considered complex formats.

Here’s a great example of a standard layout. You can see that the text flows consistently with little things like scene breaks and beginning chapter quotes, but no unusual formatting.

Most business books, workbooks, family memoirs or yearbooks, and all image-heavy books fall under complex layout. Complex formatting requires us to apply multiple styles to sections of text and/or insert images or graphics among the text.

Here are some layouts that required complex layout.

Books with complex layouts are not suitable for the Essential package. If your book requires a custom interior design to include all elements, consider our Boutique package instead.