While riding my bike to the office this morning, I thought about a friend who had just achieved ultra-randonneur status (I had to look it up too). I felt a little ashamed – here I was toodle-ing along on my fat tire commuter bike, complete with front basket and a bell, while the day before, my friend had been out riding a 200-kilometer course. I used to be her—sort of—at least more competitive and demanding of my riding, but these days, I’m slower. I ride to work because I don’t ride as often as I’d like, but can’t resist getting on my bike on a nice summer morning.

But while I was peddling along and thinking of Leslie, I suddenly had a realization: Being on my bike makes me incredibly happy, and I do it for myself. No one really cares what kind of bike I ride, or how slowly I’m going. There are lots of different approaches to cycling, and my current one—to take the opportunity to get out in a cool, lovely June morning—is as valid as a wanting to complete a monster ride.

I encounter a lot of authors whose dream is to make a fortune, or at least a living, at writing. It’s exciting, and I love to help them meet that challenge by working with them to make a professional book, and offering marketing advice and support.

But just as there are lots of good reasons to ride a bike, there are lots of reasons to publish a book, other than making money. Maybe you want to have something to give your friends and family, or to be able to say, “I’m a published author” when the subject comes up. Maybe you want to switch careers, or capture your expertise in print, or simply see you work packaged professionally and available to the world.

What ever your reason, stick with it, stand up for it, and carry on – publishing can be as fun as riding a bike on a beautiful summer morning, and just as rewarding.