How to Price Your Book

One of the most important—and difficult—decisions you need to make as an indie author is how much to charge for your book. After all, how does one put a price tag on something toward which you’ve devoted so much time, energy, heart, and soul? None-the-less, … Read more »

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Fixing Formatting, or What You Don’t See Will Hurt Your Book!

Before I was in the book publishing business, my mother, who was close to 90, decided to self-publish a novel. I’d read her manuscript several times over the years, offering plot and character feedback, but she hoped to find an agent, so I hadn’t really … Read more »

library shelves

Want to See Your Book on Library Shelves?

While libraries have expanded to become more than just a place to check out a book, they still spend north of a billion dollars every year on print material, according to recent statistics. This means getting a self-published book into a public library can be … Read more »

Book Cover Design: Readers WILL Judge

You’ve probably imagined your book cover for a long time. Once you decide to self-publish, you have to get down to the basics of book cover design. Paying attention to what will give your book a professional, appealing cover will keep it from having an … Read more »

Published? Time for a Party!

Your book is in your hands—congratulations! What’s next? Author readings, sometimes called publishing or book release parties, are a great way to spread the news about your book, while saying thank you to everyone who helped out along the way. A well-planned author party might … Read more »

Book Wall

Formatting Your Book Interior

In previous posts, we went over all your book design options: using a free online template, going the DIY route with Microsoft Word, or hiring a professional book designer. But no matter how you design your book interior, here are some guidelines. What is the … Read more »

Hiring a Book Designer

While hiring a book designer makes the book design process much easier, it also presents its own set of challenges. Here are some pros and cons, as well as the basics of a book interior. Professional designers make a better-looking product The upside to hiring … Read more »

Book Layout and Design

Once you have your manuscript edited and ready to publish, the next step is to to create the interior book pages, sometimes referred to as a “book block,” or a PDF file which you will upload for printing. Here are a few different approaches to … Read more »

Suggestions for Self-Editing

If hiring an editor is absolutely out of the question and you cannot trade for editorial services, or bribe a friend, here are a few tips for self-editing that you might find useful. Even if the thought of checking for commas puts you in a … Read more »

How to Hire an Editor

Good copy editors are not ordinary people. Their brains are wired to see anomalies, deviations, and inconsistencies in the text. We are lucky to have them in our midst. A good copy editor will make sure that your book meets professional standards and will keep … Read more »

What Does a Book Editor Do?

Hiring an editor is a step that most writers balk at. We like to believe that our beta readers, our writing group, or our friends who are English teachers are going to catch any errors, especially with multiple readings. In fact, just the opposite is … Read more »

Book publishing

Six Reasons to Choose Indie Publishing (and One BIG Reason Not To)

Thinking about indie publishing? You’re not alone. According to Bowker’s Books in Print, more than 1 million books were self published in 2017– a 38 percent increase over the previous year. Faster and potentially more lucrative than traditional publishing, indie authors are stepping up to … Read more »

Are You Ready to Publish?

I spend a good part of my day talking to authors about publishing. Some are early in the writing stage, trying to get a sense of the process. Some are in the midst of revisions, and a few have a polished manuscript ready to go. … Read more »

Case Study: How One Author Grew Sales and Business

By Diane Dennis of Inspired Media Communications   The role of the author during the writing process is defined by isolation, research, seclusion, and dedication. It is a labor of intensity and love. Upon completion, the book makes its debut to the world through the … Read more »

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Six Essential Elements of Children’s Picture Books

Picture books offer a great opportunity to create timeless and fun stories for children. Here are six elements that are sometimes overlooked, but are important for successful picture book publishing. Story and Language Is the story simple enough to be told in 500 – 1000 … Read more »