Author Press Kit: How to Build One That Works

Spreading the word about your book through media outlets is a very effective and low-cost way to reach new readers. Most authors don’t realize that podcast hosts, magazine and newspaper writers and editors, and bloggers are always looking for new content and possible guests that … Read more »

Promo Materials for Marketing Your Self-Published Book

Congratulations on reaching this stage of your publishing journey! Whether you just approved your cover or your book is published and available for sale, it’s a good time to consider what you need to accomplish your next goal. If you want to sell or distribute … Read more »

Publishing on Amazon AI-generated Books

Publishing on Amazon and AI: What you need to know

In the past few months, as Artificial intelligence (AI) programs have become easily accessible, there has been a lot of conversation about what it means to writers. The author community is questioning how to maintain the integrity of published books, and online distributors are struggling … Read more »

The Publishing Framework

The Self-Publishing Framework for Indie Authors 

Can an Indie author publish like a traditional publisher? Indie or self-publishing has become a terrific avenue for writers who want to get a print book out into the world. Self-publishing authors can make beautiful, professional books that rival those produced through traditional publishing paths, … Read more »

If “Amazon” reaches out to publish your book, it’s probably a SCAM

Once again, I’ve been hearing about more scams in the publishing world. Here are a few things that have come across my desk: Authors, it is essential to vet these companies before parting with your cash. Though there are many legitimate publishing options out there, … Read more »

How to Publish Children's Book

How to Write and Publish a Children’s Book on Amazon

Publishing a children’s book can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for first-time authors. Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), allows you to publish your children’s picture book, the same as it does for any other book. … Read more »

How To Use E-books To Expand Your Book Distribution

The Simple Tool Independent Authors Can Use to Reach Millions of Readers and Sell More Books An e-book is an invaluable tool for independent authors who are interested in increasing readership and selling more books. While e-books didn’t kill print books, it’s a format that … Read more »

Traditional vs. Independent Publishing: What to Consider

Publishing is the step of taking your writing—whether it’s a novel, memoir, short stories, non-fiction—and turning it into a salable product: your book. As you consider whether to publish independently or seek a traditional publishing contract, ask yourself: What is my goal? How much time … Read more »

ISBN: What It Is, Why It’s Important for Self-Published Books, and How to Get One

Are you ready to self-publish your book and wondering what to do about an ISBN? If so, you’re not alone. The conversations surrounding the purchase and use of the ISBN are some of the most confusing, not to mention opinionated, ones I hear. Authors wonder … Read more »

Complete Guide to Author Websites with 15 Great Examples

Most authors know they need an author website to build their community, grow their audience, and sell more books. But that knowledge is followed by some common questions: Ok, but how do I do it and what will go on it? I don’t have much … Read more »

Book Distribution

Book distribution, or where and how people can find and purchase your book, is an important aspect of independent book publishing.  As a self-published author, you need to understand the options and set up a system that works for you.  In this article, you’ll find … Read more »

Hybrid Publishing: What It Is and Why You Want to Know

(Especially if You’re a First-Time Author) Recently, the term hybrid publishing has been gaining traction, and if you don’t know what it is, you should, especially if you’re new to publishing. It’s the best of both traditional and self-publishing worlds: offering a way to publish … Read more »

Why Not Publish a Book for Free

Short answer: It takes forever, it won’t be great, you’ll probably regret it, and…it’s almost impossible anyway. If you know you need help creating a book that stands a chance, check out our services for self-publishers. If you don’t want to believe our short answer … Read more »

The Six Stages of Book Marketing

Most authors I talk to these days recognize that books don’t sell themselves, but many are still opposed to the idea of marketing. They live somewhere along a spectrum I call the Six Stages of Marketing: denial, disbelief, resentment, bargaining, depression, acceptance… Read more »

Five Myths About Self-Publishing We’d Like to Debunk

The world of publishing has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Print-on-demand printing and distribution, along with the proliferation of e-books, have allowed more authors than ever to make their writing widely available. The world of opportunities can lead to a world of mistakes … Read more »