Publish an Ebook

If you are making a print book, it’s relatively easy to make an ebook. Ebooks offer an additional sales avenue to readers, and allow a great deal of flexibility in terms of pricing and distribution. They are a great tool to use in marketing, and … Read more »

Letters to Home

I spent a week in July with my family, cleaning out the house I grew up in before it went on the market. To say my parents were hoarders is not exactly correct, but my father, a professor by trade and a tinkerer extraordinaire, never … Read more »

Write attention-grabbing back cover text

Back cover text should be written in a way that advertises the book to a potential reader, so in that sense, it’s more like marketing writing than prose writing. While the details of your characters origin story might be compelling and imperative for the reader … Read more »

Tips for Selling More Books

Last weekend, I went to the Historical Novel Conference in Portland. I enjoyed hearing writers talk about breathing life into the past through lively characters, accurate historic details and inventive plots, but those who were successfully self-publishing intrigued me. It seems that, as with most … Read more »

Can’t afford an editor? Some tips to polish your prose.

So you’ve written a novel, and hiring an editor is absolutely out of the question. If you cannot trade for services or bribe one, here are a few tips for editing, in no particular order, that you might find useful when self-editing. Grammar, punctuation and … Read more »

100 Book Club Challenge

I’m always interested in new and unusual ways to promote books, and so I was excited to attend a meeting at Willamette Writers to hear Luminare author Danuta Pfeiffer and Luminare friend Kathleen Cremonesi discuss their 100 Book Club Challenge. Danuta and Kathleen have been … Read more »

Quick book cover checklist

Planning your book cover? Pay attention to the following elements: Title, subtitle (if you have one), author name: It sounds obvious, but make sure that these three vital pieces of data are consistent. Don’t list yourself as Patricia Marshall one place, Pat Marshall or P.J. … Read more »

Why Self-Publish?

While riding my bike to the office this morning, I thought about a friend who had just achieved ultra-randonneur status (I had to look it up too). I felt a little ashamed – here I was toodle-ing along on my fat tire commuter bike, complete … Read more »