Premium Publishing Package

The All-In-One Solution for Self-Publishing

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The Premium publishing package is the best all-in-one solution for self-publishing authors who needs professional services in a fully coordinated way. Luminare Press manages all the aspects of publishing, from editing and custom book design to book distribution.

The Premium package is the best choice for authors who need extra attention to detail, personal assistance, and the most refined design.

The Most Complete Solution for Self-Publishing Project

Everything you need to publish and sell your book, including editing and professional guidance every step of the way.

Premium Publishing Package

  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Custom cover design
  • Custom interior design, formatting and typesetting
  • E-book file creation
  • Hardcover format
  • Back cover review
  • Project manager for complete assistance
  • Premium support and communication
  • Available for fiction and non-fiction books
  • Set up for print-on-demand
  • Preferential distribution
  • Extended e-book distribution
  • Ten copies upon publication
  • Access to marketing tools and discounts
  • Premium Author page
  • 100% royalty to the author

Recommended for authors who need to turn a complex publishing project into a smooth self-publishing journey with professional results.

It includes

Manuscript Evaluation

We assess your manuscript and look at what it needs before starting the publishing process.

Copy editing and Proofreading

One of our editors will review your text correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage while preserving the meaning and voice of the original text, and will prepare the manuscript for the next stage of the publication process. The package also includes an additional reading of the typeset proof as a final check before publication. Texts longer than 70,000 words will incur a fee of 3.5 cents per word for the extra length.

Eye-catching custom-design cover

One of our professional book cover designers will create a beautiful, unique cover for your book.

Professional interior formatting

Custom interior formatting will ensure that your book looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. The interior fonts, typography, and layout will coordinate with your cover to achieve a smooth, cohesive look and feel for your book. The package includes formatting up to 70,000 words for standard and complex layout books.

Hardcover edition

We will create and publish your book in hardcover format, in addition to the paperback and e-book formats.

Images and Graphic inclusion

With the Complex layout option, we’ll include up to 20 images, which you’ll provide, in your book. This includes any combination of charts, graphs, maps, photographs, and illustrations.

Back cover and author bio text review

Our copywriters will review your author bio and book description to ensure your book is interesting and appealing to your ideal readers.

​Registration with Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is a national catalog of print books and assigns a number that is used by librarians to discover and purchase books.

Registration with Bowker’s book in print

Registration optimizes book discovery across a wide range of book discoverability. Bowker’s provides bibliographic data so your titles are exposed to many facets of the book industry.

ISBN and barcode

Luminare will provide an ISBN (international standard book number) and a compatible barcode for each product. Having both the barcode and ISBN on the back of your book ensures that your book is ready to be sold.

Set up for print-on-demand

Print-on-demand means that Amazon, for instance, will always show books in stock. Customers will also be able to order through other online sites and bookstores, with delivery in a matter of days. Everything will be setup under your name and you’ll keep 100% of the royalties.

100% royalties to the author

You’ll retain all the rights and the royalties from your book sales. Luminare Press won’t take a cut of your profit.

Physical proof copy

Before your book is published, you’ll receive a printed copy for a final evaluation.

E-book preparation and publication

We’ll convert and create e-book files that will be delivered as .kpf and .ePub formats. This allows you to sell an electronic version of your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your own site. We will upload your files to Kindle Direct Publishing and link the e-book to the print book too.

​Distribution through major retail outlets

Your book will be available for distribution through major online retailers and bookstores (over 25,000 retail locations).

Preferential bookstore distribution and extended ebook distribution

We set up the title with two POD printers in order to optimize royalties for both Amazon and bookstores. With the extended e-book distribution, your title will be available in digital stores like Apple Books and Google Play Store.

Marketing and promotion

We’ll provide you with valuable information, tools, and free resources to help you develop your own marketing strategy for your book.

Premium Author page on Luminare Press

A personal and editable profile page designed to gather all the info about you as an author and your books. It will add one more tool to your marketing efforts, and increase your visibility with search engines.

Ten copies of the book upon publication

You’ll get ten printed copies of your book on us!

Optional Services

Complex layout$500
Footnotes or Endnotes$200
Color interior$100
Images and Graphic inclusion$30/each
Additional words exceeding 70,000$100/each 10,000
Copy editing & Proofreading exceeding 70,000 words3.5 cent/word
Line editing6 cent/word
See details and full explanation for our Editing services

What about Marketing and Promotion?

We also offer tools and services to help you market and promote your book.

“The virtue of books is to be readable.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Schedule a 15-minute consultation call to talk about your book

This is my sixth book with Luminare Press, so you must be doing something right. Actually, you do everything great, from first contact about a new project, to final design and release. You are super responsive and for an Indie author, that is critical. Without fail, your editors have guided me toward a better manuscript, a tighter final product. I have complete competence in their judgment while maintaining final control over revisions. I enjoy working with the design teams, sometimes bringing in an outside artist or designer (three of the books) to produce a hybrid cover. I am very pleased with the results. My seventh book is in preparation, so I will be working with you again soon. I have already referred several writers to Luminare.

L. Wade Powers – author of The Sagebrush Hotel Tontine

Luminare helped me publish my book in two different versions, one in English, and one in Hungarian. The folks I interacted with acted very professionally, they know what they’re doing. Initially, I thought maybe I could do all this by myself, but no. The expertise Luminare has was really helpful. And it shows in the end result. I’m really happy with the outcome.

Gyuszi Sütő – author of I Tried

I worked with at least a half dozen different people at Luminare and each of them were very helpful, very pleasant, and responded to my questions quickly. I have published several books in the past with a variety of publishers and this was my best experience by far. Luminare would make the changes I wanted, unlike traditional publishers who almost always cut my favorite passages, and unlike other non-traditional publishers who often have a very limited number of options. I am totally pleased with the final result.

Ron Garland – author of An Autobiography of an Unknown Writer

Luminare Press worked with me in the best possible way to put my manuscript in book form. They had competitive pricing but more than that they guided me through the entire process; from corrective editing to book cover design and marketing tools they were with me from start to finish. They also offered after publishing ideas including author pages and a personal web site. I would rate my overall experience with Luminare Press as first rate.

Ronald Lutz – author of Elusive Getaway

How it works

Publishing with Luminare Press will save you a lot of time and headaches. And you’ll have a professionally made book that you can be proud of.
In the last ten years, we perfected a bullet-proof system that allows us to publish real books that stand out in the crowd. We know how to pay attention to often unconsidered details that make or break a book—an effective and appealing cover, a font that’s easy to read, a page that’s professionally formatted, and the appearance of the front and back matter.
Our Premium package is a turn-key service so you can focus on writing and selling.

  1. Consultation call – Free 15-minute call
    It’s a complementary call you can book right now. We use this call to talk about your project, evaluate what you may need, and see if Luminare can be a good publishing partner for you. It’s not a sales call and you’ll gain a lot of knowledge.
  2. Manuscript Evaluation
    We assess your manuscript and look at what it needs before starting the publishing process. We may suggest different editing levels based on your manuscript’s status, author goals, and timeline. During this phase, we also consider which of the Luminare Press imprints may fit your book best.
  3. Editing
    We include copy editing and proofreading up to 70,000 words. This makes our Premium package the best option for authors who need a professional service and limited time.
  4. Manuscript preparation
    Start as soon as you send us the files of your final copy of your manuscript.
  5. Book preparation
    This includes all the book design such as interior formatting, assets review, title and meta-data definition, back cover text, author bio and photo, and more.
  6. Cover design
    We create a beautiful, custom design book cover for your print and digital formats.
  7. Copyright and Imprint
    The book is going to be registered under your name, and you’ll retain 100% of the royalties. Accounts setup and basic assistance are included in the packages.
  8. Final review and proof copy
    Before your book is published, you’ll receive a physical copy for a final evaluation.
  9. E-book creation
    File conversion and e-book preparation. Files will be delivered as .kpf and .ePub format, which allows you to sell on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your own site.
  10. Marketing consultation – book marketing seminar
    A complimentary online seminar to help you understand the foundations of every good book marketing plan. You’ll learn how to build an engaged audience, spread your message, and sell more books.
  11. Distribution
    Your book will be available for distribution through major online retailers and bookstores. Print-on-demand means that Amazon, for instance, will always show books in stock. Customers will also be able to order through bookstores, with delivery in a matter of days.

Ready to start?

Who will you work with

Patricia Marshall – Owner of Luminare Press

Writer, editor, and publisher with a passion for helping authors produce the best books possible.

Claire Flint Last – Senior Designer

Accomplished graphic designer, illustrator, and fine art painter for over twenty years of experience. She has executed design and illustration work for many high-profile clients.

Kim Harper Kennedy – Project and Operations Manager

She has a Master’s degree in arts/non-profit management and museum studies from the University of Oregon. She spent 14 years as a Content and Project Manager for a local exhibit and architectural display company writing, developing, and managing hundreds of exhibits and displays for major institutions across the United States.

Sallie Vandagrift – Managing Editor

Sallie is an editor, writer, and teacher. She’s served on the editorial team at Wipf & Stock Publishers, and was the assistant editor and publicist at Slant Books. She has a BA in English from the University of Oregon, where she also studied fiction in the Kidd Creative Writing Workshop.

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FAQ about the Boutique Packages

Is this for me?

Our Premium Packages are designed for any author with a finished manuscript that needs a professional and all-in-one service.

If you are an experienced author or a DIY person, you may want to check our Essentials self-publishing package.

What’s the Complex layout option?

Standard books are mostly text, but we know that, depending on the genre, your interior can include a lot of images, tables, poetry, or quotes, making the interior design process more complex and detailed.
The Complex layout option is recommended for Poetry, Business Books, Coffee Table & Art Books, or any books that include many graphic elements or a good deal of specialized text formatting.

I’m still in the process of writing. Should I schedule a call?

We suggest you schedule a call when the manuscript is finished and you are ready to start the publishing process. If you are not quite there yet, we suggest downloading our free e-book about self-publishing to get an overview of the process.

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