Book Marketing and Promotional Packages

The tools you need to promote your book both online and in person.

Publishing a book can be a turning point for your professional career or the achievement of a major goal in your life; either way, you should be very proud of taking on this.
No matter what your end goal is, publishing a book is a challenging project, but having your book available for sale online and in bookstores is not enough to guarantee success.

If you want to share your words beyond your immediate community, you have to actively promote your book.

There are thousands of books published every month. Some become bestsellers, others sell only a few copies. Does it all depend on how good the book is, how well written it is, and how compelling the cover design or the book description are? All those factors will help, but the key is often marketing. And if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of pushing your book for sale, or advertising your work, you’re not alone. We know that many authors don’t like the idea of being salespeople, and we get it. So we’ve created some tools to help you. Start by downloading our quick start guide that can help you better understand some of the tools and activities book marketing involves.

If you’re ready to find your audience and put as many books as you can in people’s hands, here is what we can offer.

Promotional Packages and Tools for Luminare’s Authors

We crafted different packages and tools dedicated to our authors, so you can reach your goals without breaking your budget.

Deluxe PackagePrint PromoWeb & SocialÀ la carte
Save up to $180
Save $110
Save up to $90
Business Card$125
5×7 Postcard Mailer$190
8.5″ x 11″ Flyer$135
11″x17″ Poster $145
Facebook Banner$75
Facebook Announcement$50
Email Announcement$75
Premium Author Page$100
Goodreads Page$90
Marketing Class$400
Prices and Services are reserved for Luminare Press clients.
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Ready to add some promotional tools and services to your publishing package?

FAQ about Book Marketing Services

When should I start marketing my book?

As soon as possible! Marketing your book is a big part of self-publishing. Depending on your goal, you may need just a few tools or a bigger package. Either way, we advise you to start with our marketing class and choose a couple of promotional tools once your publishing project has started.

I’m writing a non-fiction book, do I need book marketing?

Yes, the non-fiction book market is now more competitive than ever. Many professionals, experts, and business owners are now publishing books to share their wisdom and promote their careers. The good news is that it might be easier to reach your audience when compared to a fiction book, but you definitely want to promote your work.

What tools do I need to promote a Children’s Book?

Children’s books are special because you need to catch both kids’ imagination and parents’ attention. Digital tools and social media are convenient for getting adults’ attention throughout the day, but some printed tools, like bookmarks and postcards, can be very effective for in-person and offline promotion.

Do I need to be a Luminare Author to buy these products?

The book marketing services listed on this page are dedicated to the authors who published or are publishing, with Luminare Press. However, we’re happy to offer our custom author websites to any author.