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Publishing Extended

Where we go above and beyond

With Luminare Press you can get all the professional assistance you need to publish a book that’s ready to hit the market.

We created our core packages to meet a professional standard in terms of book design and publishing services. But we know that’s not the end.

Whether you want your book to become a best-seller or to be your legacy, there are two things you can’t overlook: editing and promotion.

The Services You Need to Complete Your Publishing Project

book editing Luminare Press


Three available options, tailored to your needs. Publishing an unedited book can doom your project from the beginning.

Book Marketing

Traditional, digital, or anywhere in between.
All you need to reach your audience and put your book in your readers’ hands.

Book Marketing and Promotion Luminare Press

Why are these services not included in the core package?

We serve a wide variety of clients, from first-time publishers to very experienced ones. Different authors have different goals and needs, some already work with a professional editor, others are still defining a marketing strategy.
While we are able to optimize the publishing process into a few solutions that fit almost every self-publisher, it wouldn’t be professional to say that all authors need the same level of editing or promotion.

This way, we keep our services simple, affordable, and personal.

Add-on services are only available in addition to the publishing packages and are not sold individually.