I appreciate the design and your professionalism, too. It looks really nice. Plus it was nice to not have to do all that work myself again! Self-publishing is a lot of work.

Mark Holtzen

working on the book A Safe and Happy Place by Sara Mockett

Luminare Press is tops! My book is drop-dead gorgeous from cover to cover. It was a complicated formatting job and Patricia took it from word document to a professional book. The cover is gorgeous and I can’t stop admiring the total package. At first, I was nervous about indie publishing but it has given me great control over my book and maximized my returns. Luminare Press was quick, efficient, ethical, everything I want in a business partner. I am so glad I went with them.

Alida Birch

author of The Co-Creation Handbook, A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life

I was through with rejection; it was time to move on, and Patricia could help me reach my dream. She made it easy, fun, timely, and inexpensive. All the right ingredients.

Phil Pochurek

author of The Other Side of the River and The Life We Choose

Personal assistance is important to me and I received more than expected during the publishing process. Patricia worked extra quickly to help me meet a deadline. I was thrilled with the published book. It looked better than I had imagined.

Juliana Kleist-Corwin

editor of the anthology Written Across the Genres

For your self-publishing needs, Patricia Marshall and her staff at Luminare Press offer stellar service. Her publishing packages are custom built to provide customers with many layers of outstanding service. Since this was my first time using an editor, I didn’t know what to expect. Patricia broke the process down into manageable steps and kept me on track to my book publication date. I look forward to a long-term relationship with Luminare Press.

Stacey Gustafson

author of Are You Kidding Me? My Life with an Extremely Loud Family, Bathroom Calamities, and Crazy Relatives

Luminare is as professional as it gets. My book is ready for prime time and a national book tour. The publisher used the finest editors, designers, and proofreaders. The expertise and attention to detail was first rate. The quality of the process and the book itself is masterfully produced. I particularly liked the personal encouragement and direction that was given to this process. I am thrilled to have given this life work to Luminare.

Danuta Pfeiffer

author of Chiseled: A Memoir of Identity, Duplicity and Divine Wine

Like most beginning writers I went through a long series of missteps: trying to find an agent, submitting a manuscript that wasn’t ready for submission, and using an editor who just didn’t capture my voice. Finally I made the decision to self-publish; but the choices were bewildering. Everything cost extra: things like the cover and ISBN. The formatting was up to me and I just didn’t have the requisite skills. And as I looked at the books that had been published they all had a generic look that you could easily spot; I just felt I wanted something better. I found what I needed in Luminare Press. Patricia made the whole process understandable. She was the consummate professional: patient (she had to be), thorough, and encouraging. Patricia’s formatting far exceeded my expectations; it looked absolutely superb. And equally as professional was her graphic artist, Claire Flint. Claire went the extra mile and gave me a cover that met all my wants and more. The final result is a top-quality book that I can offer with great pride. If you are considering self-publishing I would highly recommend Luminare Press. You will definitely get the book you’ve dreamed of and it will be the best it can be.

Michael Morrison

author of Rich Girl, Poor Girl, Dead Girl

WOW. AMAZING. REALLY wonderful work. You are capturing exactly what I wanted. The process is terrific and the product is beautiful and inviting – exactly what I was hoping for.

Anne Koch

author of the series A Conversation with the World (4 volumes) and Nearer to Spring, A Story of Christmas Lost and Found in Letters

Luminare oversaw numerous small but essential publishing details, and that allowed me to focus on writing a good manuscript. Patricia produces great results. She approached my book project with enthusiasm and she provided a constant source of practical guidance throughout the many phases of publishing my book. She’s highly capable of managing details and solving problems, and she has a highly competent team at Luminare.

Vicki Amorose

author of Art-Write, The Writing Guide for Visual Artists